PAX Good Behavior Game

What is the PAX Good Behavior Game?

The PAX Good Behavior Game produces powerful prevention results in the classroom and increases academic achievement.

Do you want a strategy with a proven track record in over 10,000 classrooms? Across grade levels in inner cities, suburban schools, small towns, on tribal lands and very remote communities? Do you want academic achievement to increase, including high-school graduation and college entry? Do you want to reduce teacher stress? Do you want students’ problematic behavior to decrease, and self-control to increase? Do you want to prevent childhood psychiatric disorders?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask for PAX Good Behavior Game®.

One year of effective implementation of PAX Good Behavior Game® produces powerful prevention results. Two or more of years PAX Good Behavior Game® exposure are associated with larger increases of academic and mental-health benefits including reduction in suicides. 

Only PAX Good Behavior Game’s coaching model intervention that has randomized studies showing teachers can successfully implement after in-person or online induction.

Only PAX Good Behavior Game has been proven to reduce mental, emotional, behavioral and psychiatric disorders in one semester, just like the original studies at Johns Hopkins.

Only PAX Good Behavior Game has studies showing changes in teacher stress, teacher efficacy, and related outcomes.

Only PAX Good Behavior Game has published studies on the success of its coaching model to improve results, replicating the results from the original coaching procedures from Johns Hopkins.

Only PAX Good Behavior Game has multiple scientific replications by different independent researchers, and PAX GBG is used for all replications at Johns Hopkins University, where the acclaimed research on the good behavior game began.

Download a pdf of more questions and answers, along with citations for all these results here.

Watch a great video about the game here.

A new resource for scaling up PAX in your community is now available.

Download your copy here.

The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is now included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

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What is it About?


"My class just enjoys PAX......and being PAX leaders! We have decided instead of Valentines Day we are celebrating Tootles Friendship Day! Each child will be writing a Tootles for each child in the class! I made small Tootles and I'm getting huge support from my parents! Please spread the PAX works!!!! If PAX can work in my my can work everywhere!!!! You have my support in any way I can share!"

Kelly J Rooke

"I started teaching in 1975. During this time I have seen various "classroom management" schemes come and go. PAX is far superior to anything from the past because it is a way of life and not just a classroom management scheme. It empowers children to be the best they can be and is a confidence builder. I have heard teams talk about what they should do the next time when they scored more than 3 spleems in the current game. What a refreshing change to see them collaborating about positive behavior plans. Too bad PAX came along so late in my career!"

PAX in Canada

"Students are able to stay/focus on task and get a lot accomplished. They are quite responsible and help each other. The classroom is an enjoyable place to be."

PAX in Canada

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