PAX Good Behavior Game

The PAX Good Behavior Game changes children's futures

Four Miracles happen when children go to school, and these Miracles can grow for a child’s whole life.  A child’s teacher is the agent of those Miracles.

The First Miracle involves acquiring the ability to read, thus allowing a child to learn the wisdom of generations who have gone before us.

The Second Miracle comes from learning to write, thereby enabling a child to share wisdom with the current and future generations.

The Third Miracle happens when a child learns to compute the orderliness of the world with mathematics, thereby allowing a child to create and test new things for the world’s betterment.

The Fourth Miracle evolves as a child acquires PAX— the mental ability to sustain attention, to self-regulate or self-manage, and to cooperate with others intentionally to create peace, productivity, health and happiness for self and others, so that all of this repeats the cycle of the Four Miracles for future generations.  The PAX Good Behavior Game is the teacher invented, scientifically proven tool that allows every teacher to perform the Fourth Miracle.

Save the Date : The First International PAX Partner™ plus PAX Teacher Training for PAX  Partners, Oct 22-24, 2014, in Dayton Ohio    

The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is now included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

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What is it About?


"PAX GBG Training Evaluation results. General Comments: Excellent, Inspiring, Very Doable, Engaging, Feel Privileged to be part of PAX, Informative, Great Resources, Really Enjoyable, Fantastic few days, Can't wait to get started, Learned to keep it simple, Really Valuable Training, Enligthening Experience, So glad I was selected to participate in this unique training. Comments on Trainer and Training: Dennis did a great job - inspiring training, would love to hear and see more of Dennis, fantastic engagement with the teachers, Dennis and the whole Pax programme is a true inspiration everything I heard I will take with me forever! "

Northside Partnership Training in Ireland

"I just wanted to thank you all for putting on the "PAX up" workshop yesterday. I cannot believe the changes in my grade 1-5 class since beginning PAX in November. I find that the student's academic achievement has gone up because I have more on task teaching time and spend less time on resolving problems between students. I find the biggest difference is evident in my high needs students as their social skills have improved and the other students in the class are learning to include them in activities and be patient with them. Using PAX has made my job a complete joy (I am a 5th year teacher). Coming to school is so much fun when the mood in the classroom is one of positivity and peace. I believe this program was a hundred times better than the "classroom management" classes I took in university or other "behaviour management" P.D.sessions; PAX has made me a confident classroom manager. Is there any way to offer PAX as a course for pre-service teachers in university? Then the price would be part of their tuition. If you guys ever need a testimonial for PAX from a classroom teacher's perspective let me know! My advice to all teachers trying PAX for the first time is to stick with it, the changes happen slowly but are worth the wait! I hope that some time in the future more teachers will be able to adopt this in their classrooms. "

Rebecca Oakes — Early Years Teacher, Grafton Colony School

"A 4th grade teacher found herself relocated from a school that was being closed to another elementary school in the same school district. The school that she was transferred to had made the decision within the past year to implement PAX school-wide. This teacher was new to PAX. She has been open to training and getting support from the PAX Partner who serves the school. Recently, her new principal was in this teacher’s classroom to observe her. Principal observations are a routine and a common occurrence. However, on this day, the teacher felt stressed, because her students were behaving badly and things were chaotic. Initially, the teacher had the thought of asking the principal to leave and come back at another time, since her students were so off task. Then, the teacher paused, giving her a PAX moment. She reflected that she had a choice. She could ask her principal to leave and come back at another time. While it would not be a good reflection on her, she didn’t feel that the principal would get an accurate observation of her skills. Or, she thought, “I could play a PAX game.” With the principal in her classroom, the teacher played a PAX game. The students were immediately able to focus on the task at hand as they played their PAX game. The teacher was able to teach; her stress levels significantly reduced, and her students demonstrated that they were PAX Leaders. Moral of the story? If you think the students or the situation is too chaotic, take a breath, reflect on what you really want for your students and yourself. Underneath, both adults and the young people want PAX. So, play the PAX Game. "

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