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Looking for a Trauma-Informed approach to your school or classroom?

The PAX Good Behavior Game is comprised of numerous strategies that are invaluable to students who have been exposed to trauma. All of the research-based strategies in PAX GBG adhere to one or more of SAMHSA's 6 key principles of a trauma-informed approach: Safety, Trustworthiness and Transparency, Peer Support, Collaboration and Mutuality, Empowerment Voice and Choice, Cultural Historical and Gender Issues. These strategies build self-regulation and resilience in young people by creating a nurturing environment in the classroom. This nurturing environment is key in developing new skills in pro-social behavior that were likely not developed in the predatory environment they faced previously.
When teachers implement PAX GBG in their classrooms, the employ a number of strategies that allow children to have an active role in co-creating expectations. This allows children who have been exposed to trauma to have a voice in what they would like more and less of. It also allows children to predict what will come next, how that activity will go - even what sort of body awareness or noise levels will be expected. This opportunity to predict and monitor a co-created vision along with their teacher and peers improves children's sense of confidence and safety in their environment. 
Teachers also have access to a number of strategies that cue and reaffirm very consistent expectations. This gives teachers new trauma-informed, research-based strategies for calling on students, calling for students' attention, re-directing students who have gone off task, and other teacher behaviors that can inadvertently trigger a breakdown for a child exposed to trauma. All these help to increase students' sense of safety in their environment as well as their trust in the teacher. 
The most valuable aspect of PAX GBG for students who have been exposed to trauma is the number of strategies that promote peer support and peer co-operation. These consist of team-based activities, group rewards, and peer recognition and reinforcement for pro-social behavior. The research-based strategies embedded in PAX GBG that build peer support have demonstrated to be vital in the protection against bullying, depression, and even suicide. 
Adopting PAX GBG, the single most effective classroom-based preventive intervention, for the classroom is one of the most responsible things a community can do to protect and improve outcomes for their children who have been exposed to trauma. PAX GBG also offers continued professional development for teachers with significant numbers of children exposed to trauma as well as family and community-based programming as well.

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The PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) is now included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices.

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What is it About?


"My class just enjoys PAX......and being PAX leaders! We have decided instead of Valentines Day we are celebrating Tootles Friendship Day! Each child will be writing a Tootles for each child in the class! I made small Tootles and I'm getting huge support from my parents! Please spread the PAX works!!!! If PAX can work in my my can work everywhere!!!! You have my support in any way I can share!"

Kelly J Rooke

"I started teaching in 1975. During this time I have seen various "classroom management" schemes come and go. PAX is far superior to anything from the past because it is a way of life and not just a classroom management scheme. It empowers children to be the best they can be and is a confidence builder. I have heard teams talk about what they should do the next time when they scored more than 3 spleems in the current game. What a refreshing change to see them collaborating about positive behavior plans. Too bad PAX came along so late in my career!"

PAX in Canada

"Students are able to stay/focus on task and get a lot accomplished. They are quite responsible and help each other. The classroom is an enjoyable place to be."

PAX in Canada

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