PAX Good Behavior Game

Succes Stories

Mrs. Tighe is a 1st grade teacher at Riverside Elementary. She has been using the Good Behavior Game with her students since February of 2011. She has only positive things to say about the program. She often speaks about the simplicity of the program, the flexibility it offers, and how well the students respond to and enjoy the game. Although she was already enjoying the program, one morning Mrs. Tighe was able to witness the Good Behavior Game’s power to change student behavior. On this particular morning, a student in Mrs. Tighe’s class was lying on the floor. Mrs. Tighe tried to ignore his behavior, in hopes that he would get bored with it and get up and join the class. She tried asking him to get up and do his work. She was feeling like there was absolutely nothing that was going to get this student to get up off the floor and then she decided to try one more thing. She went over to him, bent down and whispered in his ear, “If you don’t get up off the floor that will be a spleem for your team.” Mrs. Tighe was both surprised and relieved when the student stood up and joined his class! She was happy to share her success story with others and felt pleased to now have GBG in her teacher toolbox.
- Up Off the Floor
Each day after lunch, students walk from the cafeteria back to their classrooms. The use of the PAX Game allows Mrs. Jones and Mr. O’Connor the opportunity to easily supervise students in two areas – one teacher monitors students in the hallway and the other facilitates a classroom versus classroom PAX Game in the classroom area. Students in both classrooms know that after lunch, the game is on! There are minimal behavioral infractions and students often encourage each other to demonstrate their VERY BEST behavior during this post-lunch period.
- Post Lunch Success
Get the Game
Mrs. Anhalt had concerns that it might be difficult to monitor students closely as they played the Good Behavior Game in the hallway but once she gave it a try, she found that it was easy and effective. It was so effective that other staff in the building started to take note of the excellent behavior that was displayed! The staff members had no idea that the class was playing the game but when adults began to comment on the students’ wonderful behavior, Mrs. Anhalt let them know that the game was “on.” The praise brought smiles to everyone’s faces and created a healthy curiosity among the staff who wondered if the PAX Good Behavior Game just might work in their classrooms.
- Stunning Hallway Behavior